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You know those 'Texts From Last Night' sites? Well, we made one for Harry Potter.
Inspired by www.textsfromlastnight.com.
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(978): He’s like a perfect storm of amazing hair and horrible judgment. (x)

(303): He said he was going to “rock my world”. I wonder if he too has a false sense of confidence and accomplishment stemming from a complete lack of honesty from our own female counterparts. (x)

(360): I just want you to know how happy I am that you are circumcised. (x)

(509): Look, if he’s not the brother with three nipples, I’m just not interested. (x)

(949):  Not sure. No solid plans. Just tanning nude. (x)

(570):  My mom just admitted you were a good looking kid & if you weren’t my friend & 30 years older she would do you. I’m going to commit suicide. (x)

(248):  thats it. im teaching my cat how to use a fire alarm (x)

(201):  Getting arrested together sounded so much more fun in theory. (x)

(425):  She’s clinging to me like a horny koala. (x)

(904):  Champagne is a vitamin, right?

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